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Our expert plastic and reconstructive surgeons are always humbled to hear from patients about how a procedure has impacted their life in a positive way through patient breast surgery testimonials.

We hope you will find the below testimonials encouraging to remind you that there is hope! Please call our center today to schedule a consultation for breast surgery and be on your way to recovery.


Testimonials from the Breast Surgery of Excellence


The front desk crew was warm and friendly and made me feel at ease, especially since I was a little nervous about my procedure. -Hale

I felt myself to be in good professional hands, and my optimal recovery confirms that perception. -Oliver

My nurses and all the staff and doctors were excellent!

Everyone at this surgical center was in great spirits – keep up the positive outlook! As a patient it made me feel better just being around all of them! -Bryant

Thank you could never be enough! I am so grateful for you! You have been more than just my doctor, you have helped me heal something inside not only from the loss of my breasts, but from almost dying when I had my daughter. Your kindness, compassion, concern, encouragement and care means the world to me. Thank you for all you do, you have made a difference in my life & I will never forget you!

Love, Michelle

I would recommend both my doctor and the facility to anyone.

Words can not describe how grateful and happy I am to be operated [on] by you. You have done a wonderful job, and for the rest of my life everytime I look in the mirror, I thank you.
Love, Mina

Everyone was really nice and informed me of every single step. This made me feel like my health insurance was working for me.

“dr. rogers have gave me back  my confidence in life!!! so gentle and laway have that smile to give you that trust!”

– Nicole B.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in September of 2009. After a couple of months I was referred to Cedar Sinai hospital and to two surgeons in the outpatient facility and one of them was Lindi Vanderwalde. The first time I met her I was taken by her friendliness and lack of pretense. She made me feel at ease and that made me feel secure and glad to find someone so caring and attentive.

She listened to me and answered all my questions and that made me feel confident that I have found the right hospital and doctors to attend to my needs in my present condition. Dr. Vanderwalde together with her associate Dr. Dang had assailed my fears of the surgery and the treatments I was going to undergo.

Dr. Vanderwalde has been the doctor who I consult with after my lumpectomy in November of last year and again before and after my mastectomy just last month; May 2010; .I know that my dealings with her will be for a long time and I could not be more than happy to have found a surgeon to have helped in my surgery but a very caring one at that. I tell all my friends and family (who is most grateful for her letter to the American Embassy in the Philippines that allowed my family to come and assist me during my time of need) of what a wonderful and caring and understanding doctor she is.

I would like to thank Dr. Vanderwalde for her vast capacity of caring and great understanding. I will forever be grateful.

Truly yours,
Maria L.”

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